We have a place for you!

We here at FBC Okeechobee would love it if you would join us on a Sunday morning at either one of our morning services (Church At The ROC @ 9:00am or Legacy Worship @ 11:15am). We hope you will come and experience the difference an authentic relationship with Christ can make. 

We believe in a simple philosophy that Christ taught in scripture, and we view everything we do as a church through this lens:

Worship God. Love others. Make disciples.

We believe the Bible is the Word of God. It is written by human authors under the authority of the Holy Spirit. We believe it is without error, and wholly applicable, even now.

Stick For Six

We know that not every church is for everyone. There are many unique expressions and styles of worship out there. That's why we encourage all of our guests that visit FBC Okeechobee to Stick For Six.

It is difficult to really feel the heart of a church in just one or two visits, but in six consecutive visits you will hopefully have a better understanding of how our church operates.

If after six visits, you decide that FBC isn't for you, we'd love to be able to help you connect with a church better suited for your needs.

Serve For Six

Have you stuck for six and want to know what your next step is? Serve For Six is the answer! We believe that joining a volunteer team at FBC Okeechobee is one of the greatest ways to meet others. Our volunteer teams all play a huge part in making our weekend experience happen. Sign up for an area to serve and if after six weeks, you'd like to try something else, we have many places to help you find your spot!